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Commands. First step.

Proposed in this material  basic commands are discussed theoretically in section "Training". We will touch on their initial level, and analyze in detail regulations and features of the data mining command on a leash with mandatory schooling to exposure, and only touch on features of teaching a dog act on the commands at a distance and without a leash.
( ! ) I want to warn against hasty conclusions those of you who decide that it is too easy step. From my years of experience i can make a disappointing conclusion: 90% of dog owners are deeply mistaken, assessing their level of management skills with the leash and use encouragement. In addition, most people were seriously mistaken in their understanding of the rules and logic of the application of any command. And that is the basis of training dogs. Without a reliable master these skills and knowledge the further advance would be impossible, so once again strongly recommend that you read these materials. I assure you it will bring you tangible benefits!

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