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Dog.The ancestors of dogs

For many years, man and dog live in close proximity. Looking at already become a real member of the family four-legged friend, sometimes forget that lives near us home, but still an animal whose ancestors are wild predators. If you believe Wikipedia, then
Dog - (Latin: Canis lupus familiaris) of placental mammal predator canine unit. The main contenders for the role of the ancestors of domestic dogs is considered to be the wolves. A comparative analysis shows that with dogs they have more in common than, for example, with jackals.

The method of social organization, the system beeps, the behaviors characteristic and signs of physiological kind of dogs in many ways consistent with a wolf. While these matches with a jackal noticeably smaller. So, to decide so, what kind of "legacy" has got a dog, you must look closely at the wolf.

Wolf, Common Wolf (Lat. Canis lupus) - a carnivorous mammal of the family canine. Wolves - gregarious animals with intra-group sufficiently clear hierarchical system based on the dominance of one individual. Almost always, leader of wolf pack becomes a dominant male, but it happens that the functions inherent in the leader performs the leading female.
Wolf pack has a territory in which to hunt. This area is denoted by the label in the form of faeces and necessarily protected by members of the flock from the attacks. Integrity of the wolf pack is supported by a system of mutual signs and behaviors, among which stress the importance of signs and patterns of subordination leader. Thus avoided too frequent changes of leader, which could lead to loss of functionality of the pack, such as reduced productivity of hunting and protection of the territory, and thus threaten the very survival of the community. Only sometimes the leader has to deal with the protection of his title against the encroachments of the young  dominant male.
Wolfs are hunting in pack. Nature endowed them an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Vision is not for wolves in the same key for both you and us. In addition, wolves are very hardy and strong physically, which allows them to successfully hunt even on larger prey. It should be noted that this is not a complete characterization. Our main goal is based on the data to create opportunities for a clear picture of the hereditary characteristics of the dog

Thus, the availability of family ties, will be reasonable to assume that most of these traits are inherent for dogs. And, indeed, a dog, living on a certain hierarchical rules in a mixed flock with people, as well as the wolf needs to be leader. It can take on this role if the place is vacant, but if not, Can be a lifetime in a subordinate position. By the way, from our failure to understand the importance of the moment often comes confusion when with ours actions, or created for dogs living conditions, we give her some kind of role,but punishing her for that follow this "post" action.
Dogs, like wolves, always marking territory, but unlike wolves, and because of the characteristics of domestic content, can not be fully and logically realize their territorial instinct. The system of signs and behavioral rituals are also similar and is important for dogs. Also, as in the case of wolves, who at birth of offspring milk appears immediately with several females in case of illness or death of the mother, a false pregnancy not uncommon for the dogs.

Of the significant differences worth noting the presence of adult dogs some behaviors inherent wolves only in puppyhood. However, largely thanks to them has the opportunity to teach a dog.

In the wild, under the pressure of natural selection, only the strongest specimens survive and best adapted to the conditions of life. A selection work done by man throughout the centuries, contributed to the consolidation of some breeds of dog signs, with which individual would be unable to survive in the wild. The man removed the dog from performing certain functions, such as obtaining food and regulation of reproduction of the species. But no matter how strangely  seem derived breed, the dog remains a dog. Tiny Chi-Hua-Hua or large Mastiff They bear the wolf's habits dictated the same as that of wild ancestors and the nature of these instinct.